US Airways Tweets Pornographic Photo At Customer

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Who is running US Airways Twitter account? The airline just retweeted a pornographic photo showing a woman with a plane stuck in her… in her… well, you know where it was.

Oddly enough, the fact that a woman had a plane in her vagina is not the strangest part of this story. The truly bizarre part is that the tweet was sent in response to a customer complaint. We can’t show you the tweet (you can check out the uncensored photo here) but we can tell you what it said.

The airline was responding to a customer who was complaining about her Spring break flight. US Airways wrote:

“We don’t like to hear this, Alex. Please provide feedback to our customer relations team here.”

But instead of a link to the customer service team US Airways inserted a pornographic photo of a woman with a plane in her… yeah, right. It’s unclear how this happened (it can’t be an accident, can it?) but the airline has already issued an apology.

Jalopnik reports that the pornographic image was up on the US Airways twitter page for about 20 minutes. It also appears that the image was sent to multiple customers.

Yes, US Airlines sent a photo of a woman with a plane in her vagina to MULTIPLE people! How does this happen? Is that really US Airways customer service representative? How many people are going to get fired? How many people are going to get free flights?

We have plenty of unanswered questions at the moment but we did manage to uncover at least one bit of information. The photo seemingly originates from the user ArtXDealer.

photo credit: Neil Kremer via photopin cc

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