UFC Middleweight Tim Kennedy Wins Twitter With Hilarious Fighting Words

Tim Kennedy Sad Face

UFC Middleweight fighter Tim Kennedy woke up on Friday and he was on top of the world. Kennedy was scheduled to fight Lyoto Machida, a fighter who just made his way down to the middleweight category.

Unfortunate Kennedy’s joy over his upcoming fight quickly turned to sorrow when Machida pulled out of the match.

Michael Bisping suffered an injury during training and was forced to cancel his bout with Mark Munoz. That decision led Munoz to step into the Machida fight, leaving Kennedy without an opponent.

So what did Kennedy do in return? He decided to send tweets out to every UFC competitor he could think of.

Kennedy Goes After Chris Camozzi’s Hair

Tim Kennedy Vs. Cung Le?

Tim Kennedy Calls Out Alistair Overeem On Twitter

Tim Kennedy Threatens Then Kills A Unicorn

Hector Lombard Compared To A Hobbit

Shogun Rua Compared To A Badly Dressed Pimp

And Tim Kennedy’s attacks only continue with more hilarity on his personal Twitter account.

Check out his full Twitter stream for more hilarious attempts at calling out fellow UFC fighters for the upcoming November 6 fight night.

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