‘Two And A Half Men’ Is Still On The Air? CBS To End Series After Next Season

two and a half men

Two And A Half Men has suffered a few casualties over the years. First, Charlie Sheen left the show after a few heated arguments with the producers. Then ANgus T. Jones left after deciding that the show was absolute “filth.” CBS has done its best to keep the money maker on the air but the network recently decided that it’s time to call it quits.

The network announced today that Two And A Half Men will end its run after next season. That left a lot of people wondering: Two And A Half Men is still on the air?

Two And A Half Men hit the small screen way back in 2003. It is currently in its 11th season and is still bringing in a pretty big audience. It’s 11th season averaged close to nine million viewers.

Nina Tassler, the president of CBS, said that the entire final season will be one long goodbye to the show.

Tassler said: “(Chuck Lorre is) very psyched about this … He’s got some great ideas in store and some very big surprises.”

Of course, the question now is whether or not Charlie Sheen will return for the show’s finale. Sure, he died in the show in order to make room for Ashton Kutcher but Two And A Half Men doesn’t really rely on logic to make it’s story lines.

Are you surprised that Two And A Half Men is ending? Do you think Charlie Sheen will return?

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