Twitter’s Vine App Reaches No. 14 In Apple App Store

Vine Top Downloaded Social App on Apple iOS

Apple iOS users were quick to download Twitter’s new Vine application, making the program the No. 14 ranked free application after just 24 hours from launch.

The Vine application allows users to loop tiny clips of video together into six-second video clips.

Vine also managed to become the top downloaded app in the social apps category.

Major social networks tend to use their significant reach to top download lists, however keeping that momentum can be tough. Facebook’s Poke app climbed to the number one spot in 24 hours but quickly lost momentum over poor reviews and a lack of continued interest.

Vine isn’t the first program to offer this type of setup, Viddy and Socialcam have offered similar platforms for some time now, although their user base is less established.

Twitter however doesn’t need Vine to become a massive success out of the gate. While Vine is currently offered as a stand along product it could eventually become integrated with Twitter’s official app and online platform, allowing for a more rich user experience among other photo sharing and video options.

Do you think Vine will continue to grow in 2013 and offer Twitter a new platform for social sharing relevance?



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