Twitter’s #UnpopularOpinionNight Actually Full Of Totally Common Feels, Racism [Twitter Reacts]


Over on Twitter, the hashtag #unpopularopinionnight is having a moment — but all we seem to see are fairly commonly held beliefs thus far.

Chris Brown, Aeropostale, and the Kardashians being unlikeable are some of the topics at hand, and it seems the most #unpopularopinionnight trafficked topics are really not all that unpopular.

Top tweets include:

I will have you know I am wearing head to toe Aeropostale right now, Mr. Martinez! That shit is comfy! Another claims:

Today we learned people love the Kardashians.

Yet another tweet involved Chris Brown, who even Rihanna can no longer stand:

WTF is a “bird chest?” Help us out here, Twitter. At least Anna’s got something interesting to say:

Some users totally confused the tag for #openracismnight, which is actually next Monday, so awkward:

As Twitter reacts to the unabashed #unpopularopinionnight, we kind of have to acknowledge that basically having an opinion on the social web is almost universally unpopular. THANKS, OBAMA.



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