Twitter’s #TellAFeministThankYou Reminds Us Why We Have To


#TellAFeministThankYou is trending on Twitter today, and in a sad testament to the hashtag, it seems it’s inviting more misogyny than actual feminist love.

The hashtag #TellAFeministThankYou doesn’t seem to have a clear precipitate — not linked to any specific day or event we can root out — but it’s sparking Twitter speculation and conversation all the same. There are a few good, pro-feminism posts (sadly most from feminism-specific tweeters), but the top results seem to be tired, misogynistic jokes predictably centered upon making sandwiches.

For feminists, the #TellAFeministThankYou hashtag is a good reminder of how far we’ve come … but also brings to mind how far we still need to go. Some positive contributions to the #TellAFeministThankYou meme include:

Still others are supportive, but reference the ambient anti-feminism:

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And then, of course, the #TellaFeministthankyou tag also has this:

Have you gone over to Twitter to tell a feminist “thank you” today?



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