Twitter Shares Its Two Cents Worth On David Moyes Sacking

The sacking of Manchester United coach David Moyes had Twitter sharing its two cents worth this morning, with opinions for and against the decision.

Moyes was sacked following the poor on field performance of Man U this year, with the previously champion club slipping to 7th place in the English Premier League.

The final straw for the owners came on the weekend with United being defeated by Everton 2-0. Moyes had previously managed Everton until leaving the club in 2013 to fill the shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Man U’s manager for a record breaking 26 years.

In a statement on Twitter, the club said:

Users seemed divided on the sacking.

“David Moyes” was the most popular term on Twitter in the United Kingdom and parts of the United States on the morning of April 22.

(Image credit: Wikimedia commons.)



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