Twitter Reportedly Refocusing Music Strategy Around Content

Twitter #Music

Twitter recently announce that it’s shutting down its #Music service but will reportedly refocus it around conversations and content.

The company announced a week ago that on April 18th the Twitter #Music app will officially shut down, following its removal from the app store.

Twitter #Music made a statement on the social network saying it would continue to experiment with new ways to bring users great content based on the music activity they see every day on Twitter.

So what’s next? Well according to The Wall Street Journal Twitter is preparing to roll out a new music strategy that could come as early as this week.

The company reportedly has not actually pursued any licensing to create a streaming music service, but sources suggest that the company is in talks for a partnerships with SoundCloud, Beats Music, Sony Music Entertainment, and Vevo.

Twitter #Music was really isolated from the context of Twitter conversations, so to make conversations a bigger part of its new music strategy could really shake things up. Twitter has made no officially announcements of its new music strategy yet.



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