Twitter Looks at 007’s Other Adventures with #LesserBondMovies

Most of us have seen the big hitters of the James Bond franchise; Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Skyfall — but 23 movies in the series, it would take a dedicated fan to have seen them all. Even more dedicated than you might think, in fact, as Twitter users have been revealing the names of some of 007’s missions that didn’t reach the multiplex with the hashtag #LesserBondMovies, spurred on by the popular Comedy Central show @Midnight.

Sean Connery Era

For many, Connery is the perfect Bond; probably the most suave of all the actors to play the role and almost certainly the most Scottish. Connery starred in one Bond movie that no one’s ever heard of — Never Say Never Again — but here are a few more that you might not remember having a theatrical release.

Roger Moore

The Moore era marked a different direction for Bond, losing some of the edge of previous movies and featuring more comedy. In fact, many of the puns in this article probably wouldn’t have been too out of place in one of this quip-happy Bond’s outings. While many would point to Moore’s films as a low point of the series, they did produce some of its most memorable moments — albeit for the wrong reasons, at times.

Pierce Brosnan

After his debut in Goldeneye resuscitated the series after it began to flounder in the 1980s, Pierce Brosnan’s above-average Bond began to languish in rapidly worsening movies. By the time Die Another Day released in 2002, nonsense like an invisible car, a lengthy swordfight and a Madonna cameo suggested to many that the series was in dire need of a new direction. Thankfully, that was right around the time that every series under the sun was getting a dark and gritty reboot, so Brosnan’s Bond marked the end of the character’s sillier side.

Daniel Craig

In 2006, a slick version of Casino Royale introduced a new Bond to movie-goers, and it seemed like we were finally on track to see the character return to past successes. The mediocre Quantum of Solace put a spanner in the works somewhat, but then Skyfall proved to be one of the biggest critical and commercial successes of the year, and indeed the franchise. The same team will reunite for the next film in the series, due out next year — but it’s unlikely to have quite as amusing a title as any of the offerings below.

Do you have any other particularly good #LesserBondMovies that you need to get off your chest? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


Magui Sandjou


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