Twitter And Pinterest, A Tale Of Two DevOps Developers [Infographic]

DevOps and Social

Have you ever logged into Twitter and Pinterest and then a few hours later you notice a site improvement, followed by another speed or design improvement only hours later? Not only are both tech firms great at massively scaling their social networks, they are also masters of a building practice known as ‘DevOps.’

Developed by the team at Flickr as a means to release up to ten code changes every day, DevOps is a deployment methodology that allows for the highly automated release of development changes. Coding engineers, designers, and other members of our top social networks now work together to ensure an ever evolving code base. Gone are the days of constant fail whales and here are the days of always evolving social media technology.

In a new report form IT automation provider Puppet Labs, 63 percent of companies are now using at least some DevOps methodology. The company’s study found that DevOps providers ship 30 times more code than traditional developers and they have cut their error rates by 50 percent.

With version control that allows immediate rollback if a new version fails and other protocols now in place it should come as no surprise that many rising social networks are able to expand their user bases exponentially without the database fails of yesteryear.

Here is the full Puppet Labs infographic that showcases the benefits of DevOps as it pertains to Twitter, Pinterest and thousands of other developer platforms:

DevOps For Twitter and Pinterest



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