Twitter Adding Promoted Account Tweets To Timelines On Desktop

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Twitter is planning on rolling out another feature to its timeline on desktop soon to generate more revenue. Promoted accounts will enable those users to promote their tweets which will have a follow button embedded directly in them.

Promoted accounts already show up in three different places, which include timelines on mobile devices, the margin timeline on desktop, and also in search results.

Those three promotional tactics in addition to promoted trends and promoted tweets helped Twitter generate $595 million in advertising revenue last year.

However, promoted accounts on desktop timelines is new. It is reportedly being tested with a select few advertisers and will become available to all of them in the near future.

Some users are reporting seeing the new promoted accounts. Twitter appears to be adjusting the format, doing split testing to figure out what should be included in a promoted tweet in users timelines.

Promoted accounts will be great for advertisers who have been considering advertising with Twitter. Promoting an account means it will appear in timelines more often, which equals more views.

Twitter has stated that less than 10% of its revenue previously came from promoted trends, so it seems that promoted accounts offer better returns.



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