Twitter Acquires We Are Hunted, Tests New Music App

Twitter Music App

Twitter has acquired We Are Hunted, a small, three-person music streaming startup from Australia. The two companies announced the acquisition on Thursday. While details of the sale were not reported, it appeared to confirm the social network’s desire to become a hub for multimedia content distribution.

The company’s founders were not allowed to reveal what they would do at Twitter, though they stated their existing service will be shut down. Later on Thursday, Ryan Seacrest also confirmed he was playing around with Twitter’s new standalone music application, which likely came as a result of the sale.

The purchase of We Are Hunted comes a few months after Twitter purchased video-sharing service Vine. The service showed up on the social network in January and has become one of the most popular apps in Apple’s iTunes Store.

The new Twitter music app is expected to be released on Friday. It is no shock that Seacrest, who hosts the radio show “American Top 40,” would test out the app. His tweets were retweeted by the social network’s VP of Business and Corporate Development, Kevin Thau. Seacrest also pointed out “trending” songs, pointing to the possibility of a Twitter Top 40 sometime in the not too distant future.

Combined with the Vine app launch, Twitter’s new music app definitely gives credence to the social network’s attempt at becoming more media friendly. The social network will soon support all media types and artists looking to peddle their music on the site are likely looking forward to sharing their music in a new way.

[Image via عبدالإله بن محمد الشمري]



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