Twitch Goes Live On Xbox One


Popular game broadcasting platform Twitch has announced that they have went live on Xbox One.

There are many gamers who broadcast gameplay for both fun, and a living. Some of them are professionals, some of them are just learning how to play, and others are reviewing games. However, no matter which angle the videos are being approached from, there’s huge demand for them.

Respawn Entertainment’s latest game Titanfall has launched and many gamers will be looking to broadcast the game via Twitch.

Initially Twitch was supposed to launch on Xbox One at the time the console was released, but unfortunately things didn’t work out that way.

The video broadcasting app was actually scheduled to be enabled tomorrow but it looks like Microsoft and Twitch decided to go live with it a day early.

The Twitch app can be enabled through the Xbox Broadcast command, all gamers will be able to use it but they will need to adjust their privacy settings and setup a Twitch account so they can store and share their videos.

Since the Xbox One launched, Microsoft says nearly 23 million videos have been viewed on Xbox One and Xbox 360 through Twitch on Xbox Live.



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