Tumblr Panoramic Photo Support Now Available

Tumblr Panoramic Photo views

Tumblr is a picture intensive platform and now bloggers on the site can add panoramic photos to their own Tumblr pages.

Tumblr has announced larger media support for panoramic pictures that meet proper aspect ratio criteria. The new images display inside of a specialized lightbox according to Tumblr product engineer Jacob Bijani.

The new feature currently works with “super-wide (3:1) high-res (1,000 px wide) photo uploads.”

The new Tumblr panoramic shots take up the entire width of a blog post, instead of simply occupying the left-hand side of the post. Once an image is enlarged Tumblr users using a desktop setup can scroll from side to side.

Turning the users screen sideways produces the best results for smartphone users.

The new panoramic view can be incorporated into Tumblr themes by using the {block:Panorama} tag.

Photo editing and display features are quickly becoming a standard requirement for social sharing networks. Twitter recently revealed new light filters for photo editing and Yahoo stepped up with new photo options of its own for popular photo hosting company Flickr. Google+ users were also recently given the opportunity to upload full-size photos to their profiles, also with zoom and pan features for desktop users.

Will you be taking advantage of the new Tumblr panoramic photo support feature?



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