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Cyber Security

Businesses and people have taken most of their operations online in this digital era. At the same time, hackers have intensified their activities to steal data from organizations and individuals and use it for selfish gain or to harm businesses.

Protecting resources against cybercrimes has become a daunting task. Organizations are deploying emerging technologies and solutions to protect their systems, networks, and data against cyberattacks. As a result, it has led to a high demand for cybersecurity professionals across all industries to ensure all resources are safe and secure. Therefore a career in the cyber security field can be rewarding and satisfying as well as allow you to make a real impact in the world.

So then, if you’re wondering how to get into cyber security, this article highlights why this is a solid career choice and how red teaming can bolster your skills. Let’s get started.

Why Consider a Career in Cyber Security

Experts are Found at Every Level

There is a high demand for cybersecurity professionals, and their role goes beyond working with computers in the company basement and pulling myriads of cables running throughout the building. Experts are necessary at each level of the organization’s hierarchy, from the intern to the CEO. A qualified security expert manages and oversees every aspect of its organization’s infrastructure. Therefore starting a cyber security career at a lower level doesn’t deter you from moving up the ladder because cybersecurity professionals are needed at all levels.

It’s an Exciting, Challenging Field

Cyber security plays a vital role in this digital era, where the internet touches every aspect of daily life. Professionals in this field ensure the safety of essential systems supporting people’s everyday lives. As a cybersecurity expert, your day-to-day work is to keep your organization’s critical infrastructure secure. However, you should expect to face new, engaging challenges because cybercriminals constantly look for innovative ways to infiltrate your systems.

It Offers Unlimited Growth

Cyber security offers excellent growth potential in terms of career paths and learning opportunities. Apart from security, cybersecurity brings together all other IT skill sets, and professionals work to understand how organizations and technologies work. Thus to a cybersecurity expert, learning never stops, and there are several opportunities to stay challenged and engaged.

Good Salary

Cybersecurity professionals are well paid because their role significantly impacts the world. After training, an individual starts at a lower level, but it’s easy to rise through the ranks in the organization and earn a six-figure salary or higher. In fact, with certification and experience, you can work in nearly any organization and industry because this is a fast-growing field, and the demand for security experts is ever-growing.

The Training You Need to Get Into Cyber Security

Red Teaming in Cyber Security

Learning is one of the great ways to remain engaged and challenged in the cyber security industry. Seeking additional training is an advantage because it helps you learn new tricks that cybercriminals use and enhances your employability.

Red teaming is a hands-on cyber security training that you need to help your organization test its security. Red teamers think and act like hackers, which allows them to identify security gaps and mitigate risks. This training is vital because it enables security professionals to gather information, analyze it and make data-oriented decisions. Therefore organizations should ensure the majority or all of their security professionals have undergone red team training because it bolsters their network and system security.

The red team hacker academy is credited for training employees and providing people with a wide range of learning opportunities and a host of skill sets. The goal is to help them discover exploitable vulnerabilities and potential ways to execute attack emulations.

Some of the tools and techniques that red teams use to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities include:

  • Firewall evasion
  • Penetration testing
  • IDS/IPS evasion
  • Network service exploitation
  • Physical facility exploitation
  • Email and phone-based social engineering, etc.

Further red team hackers play an essential role after this training, including attempting to enter unrestricted areas, bypassing host-based security solutions, emulating hackers to discover exploitable vulnerabilities, and much more.


Cyber security practices and techniques are designed to help enterprises secure their systems, networks, and data against access by unauthorized individuals. Training helps individuals and organizations take test security and identify vulnerabilities using an attacker-like approach.

TryHackMe launched a new, more advanced red team pathway to train people on how to stimulate potential adversary attacks. Undergoing this training empowers organizations and employees to handle challenges and exposes them to boundless career opportunities and other fantastic benefits.

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