Cloud-Based Protection: How Does New Software Protect B2B Companies?

It is crucial that B2B companies protect and secure their data. Click here to find out what tech advancements are securing the battlements.

Cloud-Based Protection

B2B companies are all about information. Information on the client, advanced data, loyalty programs, engagement programs, marketing channels, and so on. An entire business is essentially run in the cloud. But the cloud is not altogether in that business’ control.

Over the years, cloud-based hacking has had a devastating effect on businesses worldwide, with cybercrime set to cost the world as much as $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. This is why one of the most important factors of running a B2B company is security.

Internet security has not always been perfect, but as technology has developed – alongside hackers’ ability to infiltrate a system – so too has the method to protect it. Today, there are a number of new softwares which can be utilised to keep companies secure, stable and altogether protected from an attack which could take them down overnight.

Automated Backups

Another issue that B2B companies face is hacked – or lost – data being impossible to retrieve. This is because a vast majority of B2B organisations actually fail in backing up their website. With CMS plugins, however, companies can automate their backups,which means you can respond to issues such as hacking or lost data with a full copy of what has been affected.

It is also useful in the event that your website goes offline or there are certain pages that are not responding. As mentioned before, client communication and satisfaction is integral to a prosperous business, which means you don’t want an event like this to eliminate the work of your b2b loyalty programs and the relationships you have worked hard on maintaining.

Zero Trust Leading The Charge

One of the most revolutionary concepts over the last few years has undoubtedly been zero trust. This is a software which ensures that no actor in a system can be trusted unless they are verified. With B2B data spread across multiple devices, any attacker used to be free to access it on a north-to-south basis, meaning there was no authentication needed before they could gain complete control.

With zero trust, however, the control is placed in the hands of the actor, and a simplified automation system means that there is extended visibility and – consequently – better productivity for all involved in the security model.


SSPM – or SaaS Security Posture Management – is one of the most game-changing tech advances when it comes to cloud security. It specifically helps companies fighting SaaS – software as a service – breaches, with an ability to automate continuous monitoring of the cloud-based software. This is especially important, as more and more B2B companies are moving their workloads and sensitive data into SaaS applications, which increases the risk of data leakage and non-compliance threats.

With SSPM, organisations are given the control, insight and tools to protect their critical workloads and fight against any challenges. This not only helps a company with spreading the workload from their own database, but ensures that the data is constantly visible and able to be remediated should any security risks befall it.

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