Tran Jeong – Tran Ho Ken Jeong Wife Biography – Net Worth

tran ho ken jeong wife
tran ho ken jeong wife

Tran Jeong is an American family medical physician. She is married to comedian Ken Jeong. Tran Jeong & Ken Jeong is the perfect couple


tran ho ken jeong wife
Tran ho ken Jeong wife

Tran Ho Ken Jeong’s Wife Biography


American medical man Tran Keong associate degreed her husband area unit an example of an ideal couple, living by the marriage vow they shared of ne’er exploit another in time of would like. Being diagnosed with cancer was a traumatic innovate Tran’s life, however, buoyed her husband’s constant presence behind her, LED her to beat America’s biggest killer.


Tran Jeong Family
Tran Jeong Family

Vietnamese-American, Tran may be a family doc by profession. however, she is generally acknowledged because of the married person of Doctor Ken Jeong–known for his role in a mountain river in the 2009 TV series, Community.


ken jeong tran ho
ken Jeong tran ho

Ken dedicated his woman on full show in 2009, once he was offered an associate acting role within the currently celebrated Hangover series. together with his wife’s treatment in a full-swing, Ken declined a job in, The Hangover to be together with his woman.

dr tran jeong
dr Tran Jeong

Tran Jeong’s breast cancer


Tran’s cancer treatment enclosed sixteen therapy sessions and a cutting out, followed by actinotherapy. At that point Ken was offered AN acting role within the famed Hangover series, however, ken declined a task in, The Hangover to be together with his better half. when a pair of Years-long battles against the malady Tran was declared cancer-free when her 1st chemo session followed by cutting out went with success in October 2010.


dr tran ho jeong
dr tran ho Jeong

Cancer is still known as mortality. More than half of those who suffer from the disease do not receive conventional treatment in the country. Half of those who came to seek treatment died. This is happening because of a lack of awareness about cancer and the cost of treatment. Currently, there are 1 million cancer patients in the country. About 100,000 people die from the disease every year. Every year, half a million people are infected with the disease.


ken jeong wife
ken Jeong wife

One out of every 1 woman has breast cancer and one out of every 1 woman suffers from death. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in our country. Every 1 minute a woman gets infected and every 1 minute a woman with breast cancer dies.

Ken Jeong Tran Ho


The couple’s long battle resulted in success once Tran was declared cancer-free once her 1st chemo session followed by extirpation went with success in October 2010.

Ken attributable Tran for being a human in fighting the malady associated and labeled her as a sacred figure for his or her kids.

The cancer survivor and her husband are tasting their life once in a long battle with unwellness. The couple has so been payment their lives choked with celebrations. The couple actively posts their marital status perks on social media, whether or not that be celebrating the associate day or payment holidays with the family.


tran jeong breast cancer
Tran Jeong’s breast cancer

Moreover, the day she beat cancer conjointly adds significance to the couple, and her husband marked the day with a tweet on eighteen Gregorian calendar month 2017 wherever he self-addressed to his followers concerning his partner being cancer-free for eight years.


Tran Ho Ken Jeong’s Wife Biography


Likewise, Tran’s partner conjointly shows glorious support for a charitable program, rise up To Cancer. In another tweet on the eighth Gregorian calendar month of 2018, Ken confers aid for all the cancer patients together with his woman United Nations agency has exhibited nice strength at the darkest moment of their lives.


tran ho jeong age
Tran ho Jeong’s age


Besides her earnings, Tran additionally enjoys a cyber web price of $14 million garnered by her partner, Ken from his medical and acting work since 1997. Ken, WHO has appeared in many movies and series as well as The Hangover, Crazy made Asians, and Community has unconcealed concerning his forthcoming stand-up comedy on Netflix that was Found at The Ice House Comedy Club in the metropolis, CA. Ken has talked concerning a number of his decisions and preferences in numerous movies that he appeared as well as his plan to induce naked within the Hangover and lots of others.


Short Biography


Tran Jeong was born in 1972 in the USA. and her date of birth is twenty-four February. She belongs to the Vietnamese quality associate degree and holds a Yankee status. The birth sign of the Vietnamese-American family medical man is Pisces. She was born and raised in America by her Vietnamese oldsters.


Tran Image
Tran Image

This forty-seven years married woman and her husband are each area unit, doctors. Tran could be a family medico by profession. She garners her internet price from her skilled work as a health care provider. each Tran and her husband area unit a medico, and in step with Glassdoor, the typical annual wage of a medico is $246,291. aboard health care provider, her partner collected an internet price of around $14 million.


Name Tran Jeong
Birth-date 24 February 1972
Age 51 years old (2023)
Citizenship American, Vietnamese
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity Vietnamese
Profession Physician
Boyfriend Not Found
Husband Ken Jeong
Net Worth  


$14 Million





American family medical physician
American family medical physician


Fact About Tran Jeong:

  • She was born and raised in America by her Vietnamese parents.
  • Tran is a family physician by profession.
  • Ken Jeong and Tran first met while working at Kaiser Permanente in W California in 2002.
  • The couple blesses twin daughters.
  • She belongs to the Vietnamese ethnicity and holds an American nationality.


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