Touchnote Taps Into Facebook To Easily Send Holiday Cards

The holidays will be here before we know it, and a four year-old British company by the name of Touchnote wants to make it easy to send out cards. Sending out holiday cards can be a chore. You have to go the store and spend a few dollars or more per card. After you’ve bought envelopes, you then need to buy stamps.

Touchnote makes it easy and does all the work for you. The service taps into Facebook so you can send a custom holiday card to friends or family members. Using the mobile app or website, you can create and send a card in no time at all.

You can add your own photo, text, and choose from a number of different effects. The effects are very similar to what you might see on Instagram. Once you’ve customized your holiday card, you can choose which Facebook friend or friends to send it to.

Touchnote does the job of getting their address. Up to 100 cards can be sent out as a batch with pricing at 99 cents per card. If you’re not planning on sending out nearly that many, the price is just $1.50 per card.

Quality is not compromised with every holiday card featuring high quality, heavy paper stock. They’re shipped out in premium 5×7 envelopes and take between two and five business days to be delivered in the US.

To start creating your own card, go here. Sending holiday cards has never been so simple, and thanks Facebook, there’s no more manual labor.


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