Topsy Launches ‘Intent To Buy’ Feature For Twitter-Based E-Commerce

Topsy Search and Brands

Third-party Twitter provider Topsy is providing a new monitoring tool that shows companies who and where people have expressed a desire to buy a brands products. The platform then allows brands to offer a targeted offer.

In a press release Topsy says its new system combines Boolean queries with geo-location targeting. The platform is a paid service that allows companies to search for more than just one keyword or phrase using the words “and,” “or,” or “not.”

According to SocialTimes:

“Topsy can find people in Southern California who have said they “want” an “SUV.” Drilling down further, companies can see who is talking about their SUV brand versus a competitor’s or eliminate people who are talking about SUVs in reference to an Amber Alert. Topsy Pro users can set up alerts to show them real-time activity in their dashboards, or more detailed reports showing trends over time, which can also be sent by email.”

Jamie de Guerre, SVP of product and marketing at Topsy reveals:

“Other social analytics providers have had Boolean search capabilities in the past, but they’re only able to use it for one scenario, which is essentially helping customers to narrow in on conversation about their brands. Because those tools don’t have access to all tweets, which has always been a core differentiation for Topsy, they can’t do things like looking at general intent to purchase goods, which is one of the key new scenarios that’s enabled by our Boolean capability.”

Topsy is able to gain knowledge about all tweets thanks to its partnership with Twitter. The company is one of three providers who have full access to Twitter’s firehose of data.

According to de Guerre:

“One of the scenarios that our customers are most excited about with that is finding consumers who have expressed the intent to purchase a particular good and using that as an opportunity to do some real-time outreach out to them, whether that is organic outreach, or potentially if you’re doing paid advertising on Twitter, doing a Promoted Tweet campaign that’s really targeted.”

Do you see the value in using boolean search to target potential brand buyers?

Kokou Adzo

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