Top 5 Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools for Marketing

bulk WhatsApp sender tools

WhatsApp has become the top-performing messaging app and second most used platform after Facebook.  Its users send over 100 billion messages every day across the globe.  Because of this popularity, several marketers have turned to this messenger application because that is where customers are.  Further, the platform has proven to be highly dependable and cost-effective for businesses that use it to communicate with customers.

WhatsApp marketing software helps brands and marketers get creative when planning their social media marketing campaigns.  The use of these sender tools increases the success rate because WhatsApp doesn’t support advertisements.  In fact, businesses are encouraged to keep the existing laws in view and use the medium ethically.

So then, here are the top 5 bulk WhatsApp sender tools.


The WhatsApp marketing application enables you to automate your WhatsApp marketing campaign.  You can send bulk messages in multiple languages and to thousands of customers.  These bulk messages can be text, audio, videos, images, PDF, documents, etc.

Further, WhatSo allows you to import your contact details existing files from CSV, Excel, TXT files.  You can use this application to send your audience announcements about promotions, sales, offers, updates, or news.  Customizing these messages to have a greeting with a receiver’s name is easy when using this tool.


The application is considered one of the best bulk WhatsApp sender tools because it enables you to create a customizable broadcast list.  You can communicate with your contacts, run polls, build an eCommerce store, manage your sales pipelines, and much more.

Vepaar has additional features like autoresponder templates, campaign creation, scheduling, and monitoring.  You can use its single-click technology to provide quick replies and build strong customer engagement.


The tool offers marketers state-of-the-art marketing software to support their WhatsApp marketing strategy.  Aside from being free and easy to download and use, RapBooster is a bulk WhatsApp chat automation app that enables you to run campaigns and boost your results.

You can send personalized messages and add multiple sender IDs, enabling you to reach a wider audience.  Further, you can share unlimited photos, videos, and other files with your target audience.


The top-ranked bulk WhatsApp sender tool has multi-language functionality, an anti-blocking algorithm, and reporting capabilities for bulk messaging.  That means you can send unlimited bulk messages to your potential and loyal customers, informing them about an upcoming sale, promotion, the launch of a new product, and much more.  You can attach videos or pictures to these marketing messages to make them more attractive.

WappBlaster has no character limit, which enables you to pitch your ideas to your target audience without any restriction.  It also has an advanced anti-blocking algorithm, an intuitive interface, and unique features to boost your marketing efforts.

WAAM-it Sender

The free-to-download bulk WhatsApp marketing tool enables marketers to create and send personalized messages to their contacts using a spreadsheet.  The software supports multimedia objects like videos, pictures, emojis, links, and files.

With WAAM-it Sender, you can send up to 3000 free messages per hour to languages that WhatsApp support across the globe.  The platform has other key features, including contact management, customizable sender ID, and scheduling.


Brands and their marketers should not struggle running marketing campaigns anymore because the bulk WhatsApp sender tools can help them bolster their marketing efforts.  These applications have unique features.  You can send bulk customized messages in multiple languages with WhatSo. Vepaar enables you to create, monitor, and schedule a WhatsApp marketing campaign and establish an eCommerce store without hassle.

RapBooster is a state-of-the-art marketing software that enables you to send personalized marketing messages and attach multiple files.  Bulk messaging is now easy thanks to WappBlaster because you can share your ideas without any restrictions since the tool has no character limit.  Lastly, WAAM-it Sender allows you to send up to 3000 free personalized messages to your contact list.

Businesses that have tried these tools have recorded improved performance and interactions with existing and new customers.  You can share with us which of these tools or any other tool that is most effective for your business.

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