Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With An Independent Insurance Company

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If you’re looking to take out an auto, home, or life insurance policy, working with an independent insurance company is the best way to go.


You might think that buying insurance from a traditional insurance company is easier because it requires less effort than shopping around.


But in reality, using one company severely limits your choices. You’re stuck with whatever rate the insurance company chooses to give you, and they also may not offer all the discounts you would normally qualify for.


An independent insurance company, on the other hand, opens up a whole world of insurance options to you.


Here’s the top three reasons why you should work with one.

Reason #1: They Help You Find The Cheapest Premiums


Unlike regular insurance companies which can only offer you a limited range of premiums, an independent insurance company gives you access to dozens of rates which you can then compare.


This way, you can find the cheapest premium that fits your budget, while still meeting your insurance coverage needs.


The ability to compare rates from several different companies is especially helpful if you can’t afford a high premium, but still need insurance.


For example, you’ll need insurance if you own a vehicle or a home. Not only is it required by the state you live in, but lenders typically require you to take out insurance before they will approve a loan on a new house or vehicle.


You may also need insurance if you have a spouse, children, or other family members who depend on you. An independent insurance company can help you find a life insurance policy that doesn’t cost too much, but still comes with the coverage your loved ones will need in the event of your death.

Reason #2: They Help You Find Discounts


Insurance discounts are important because they can reduce an otherwise high premium to meet your budget


For example, if you have a teen or a college age student in your household who needs auto insurance, there are two auto insurance discounts you should look for: the good student discount and the distant student discount. These can offset the price increase that adding a young or new driver can tack on by 5% to 25%. That’s a significant drop.


Unfortunately, not all insurance companies offer the discounts you may qualify for. And if you have to ask each company what discounts they offer, you could waste a lot of time – a lot of time during which you’re still uninsured.


That’s why you should shop for your policy with an independent insurance company. Just as they can help you compare rates, they can also help you compare discounts.


Discounts allow you to get the policy you want, even if it’s outside your budget. The discount will bring your premium down to a more manageable amount. This way, you get all the coverage you need without worrying about not being able to pay or having to compromise somewhere else in your finances.

Reason #3: They Provide Free Quotes Quickly


When you shop for insurance, speed is everything. You want to get insured as quickly as possible, so you’re covered in case you have an accident, or your home or vehicle gets damaged.


But if speed is your goal, there are a couple of reasons why working with a traditional insurance company won’t get you there.


First, if you want to get a quote from a regular insurance company, you have to wait until their office hours to speak to one of their brokers. This may be inconvenient for your schedule, especially if you’re busy with work or family.


Quoting you an insurance rate can also take a long time if you go through a traditional company. The insurance broker you’re speaking with has to back and forth between you and the insurance agent.


If, however, you work with an independent insurance company like G&G Independent Insurance, we can get you free insurance quotes quickly. You won’t have to wait for our office hours because we operate entirely online. And you don’t have to wait for the back and forth negotiating between a broker and an agent.


Conclusion: Working With Independent Insurance Company Is Easy, Fast, And Cheap


At the end of the day, working with an independent insurance company is superior to a traditional company.


We can help you compare rates and discounts between lots of different companies, so you can find the best deal. The best part is you don’t have to wait long for a quote, meaning you can get insured as quickly as possible.


To get a quote and compare insurance rates with G&G Independent Insurance, click here or call us today.


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