Top 10 Social Media Websites That Failed

Top 10 Social Media Sites That Failed

Social networks have a tendency to pick up steam and then suddenly fall off the face of the Earth. Some networks fail because they are poorly executed, other networks fail because their marketed niche simply does have an interest in the marketed platform.

Over the last decade we have witnessed the failure of various networks and the team at MyLife put together an infographic to showcase those failures.

Some of the networks mentioned, such as Apple’s Ping service, no longer exist, while others, namely Myspace and Digg have reinvented themselves in the hopes of one last shot at relevance.

Some users will likely disagree with Google+ making the list as the network continues to grow, while others sites such as simply needed to go away.

Here is the Top 10 Social Media sites that failed:
Top 10 Failed Social Media Websites



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