Top 10 Most Popular Superheroes On YouTube

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On August 4, YouTube launched “Geek Week” which highlights geeky videos from a wide variety of personalities. It lasts through August 10, and was kicked off with the help of gaming favorite FreddieW.

Today, the YouTube Trends blog got in on the fun with its countdown of the 10 most popular superheroes.

Combined, these 10 superheroes account for 234,000 hours or almost 27 years straight of video, and over 10 billion views.

Taking the number one spot is Batman who is featured in 71,000 hours worth of YouTube videos. Batman has been watched three billion times on the social video network. Batman is not only the most watched superhero but also the most searched. Since 2008 “The Dark Knight” has been searched more than Iron Man, The Avengers, and Thor.

Thor is featured in 66,000 hours of video, and has been watched 2.1 billion times. Superman finished out the top three with only 14,000 hours worth of video face time and has pulled in 1.7 billion views.

Here are the remaining contenders for the Top 10 Superheroes on YouTube:

  • Iron Man: 1.4 billion views – 20,000 hours of video
  • The Avengers: 1 billion views – 31,000 hours of video
  • Wolverine: 540 million views – 7,800 hours of video
  • Spider Man: 340 million views – 7,400 hours of video
  • Captain America: 280 million views – 4,900 hours of video
  • Justice League: 220 million views – 3,200 hours of video
  • Deadpool: 200 million views – 8,900 hours of video

Did your favorite superhero make it into YouTube’s top 10?



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