Tips to Improve Your Communication Strategy with Customers

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Building a successful business is challenging. When you take on an entrepreneurial adventure, you will face numerous obstacles that could derail your goals of being a long-term business owner. There could be high startup costs depending on the industry you are entering. Maybe some deeply-entrenched competitors own a huge share of the audience. Perhaps your product is very niche, and it is hard to find the right customer segment to market to.

The list of challenges can be long, but one of the most important to address early on is how you communicate with customers. A communication strategy for your audience includes marketing and customer service. A refined plan for communication can make it easier to increase brand awareness and retain loyal customers.

To give your young business a better chance of success, here are some tips to improve your communication strategy with customers.

Embrace Real-Time Messaging

Direct messaging is a communication method that consumers are used to. Outside of basic texting, they may use apps like Facebook Messaging, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Twitter to message their network directly. Though it may not be an expectation that the companies they buy from do the same, it is a method that can set you apart from the competition.

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to incorporate chatbots on your website so customers can get answers to basic questions or be directed to a real person if their query is more complicated. Instant messaging in business has many benefits outside of customer interactions as well, so it is worth embracing this strategy.

Invest in Audience Research

If you do not understand the people you want to buy your product, how will you sell it to them? Understanding the audience is a pillar of marketing success. Before you start choosing which marketing channels to adopt or creating advertisements, make sure that you or your team have done the research.

Identify consumer trends to determine what they want in a product. Curate messages that address their pain points and lay out the benefits of the product. Figure out where your audience is most likely to interact with your brand and focus on the associated channels. Create buyer personas that represent the ideal customer to guide your marketing efforts.

Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of Physical Marketing Products

While the online world consumes much of your attention for marketing, this does not mean you should ignore the possibilities of physical marketing products. Specifically, the category of branded merchandise can be incredibly effective for new businesses trying to establish a presence in a specific location.

You could bulk order custom promotional frisbees, t-shirts, hats, water bottles, lighters, reusable shopping bags, or any number of everyday items to spread visibility for your logo and company name. Branded merchandise can quickly increase brand awareness with the right giveaway strategy, communicating the existence of your business to the target audience with a physical marketing channel.

Prioritize Personalization

Technology is amazing, and the vast amount of data that is available to brands makes it much easier to cater messages to specific members of the audience. This strategy is known as personalization. Consumers now care more about brands that understand them and offer customized experiences.

From the design of your website to the direct mail campaigns that are sent out, personalization can create a warm welcome to potential customers and guide them along the buyer’s journey very smoothly. Some tips to help with personalization for customers include collecting more audience data, implementing CRMs, providing self-service options, and acting on customer feedback.

Exploit Competitor Weaknesses

Your best source of data for improving communication isn’t always from your customers. It can be found when researching competitors. Other brands in your industry have strengths and weaknesses in their communication strategies. Your goal is to find the weaknesses and exploit them to show you can offer customers a better experience.

Is there a marketing channel that your competitor has neglected but is filled with potential clients? Do they offer real-time customer messaging for questions? Is there a nearby geography they have not communicated effectively to? Finding these gaps can give you an advantage that carves out a larger portion of the audience for your brand.

Just Like in Marriage, Communication is Key

Anyone who has been married has heard the advice that good communication is a pillar of a strong relationship. Honestly, it is true for any type of relationship, and customers are no exception. Companies that invest in a strong communication plan with their target audience tend to make better inroads, leading to more sales and greater customer retention.

The methods listed above can help you focus your communication efforts so that they fit within modern consumer needs. Consider the benefits of real-time messaging platforms, audience research, physical marketing channels, personalization, and competitor research can provide for your brand.



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