This Is What People Think About the Alabama Trans Youth Healthcare Ban

For every step that the US has taken towards gender equality, the Alabama trans youth healthcare ban takes a thousand steps back. We may all think that the general climate of the society about gender fluidity and acceptance has improved in the past few decades. But we may be wrong. The State of Alabama is voting for a bill banning puberty blockers, surgery, and hormone therapy for minors or children under 19. Not only that, but teachers are also forced to “out” their transgender students.

People are not only scared, but they are also disgusted and enraged. The Alabama trans youth healthcare ban is absolute DISCRIMINATION.

Every child has a right to health. This is an international human rights law – to provide children with the highest attainable standard of health. The law may not directly state it, but this SHOULD cover not only physical health but mental health as well. Feeling that you are in the wrong body may not be considered a physical illness. However, forcing a child to suppress these feelings and to refuse to provide them with avenues for support will surely affect a child’s mental health. Just imagine the kind of trauma trans children will have to face and carry into adulthood.

It is already disgusting that they removed trans-related health services from standardized healthcare. But, criminalizing healthcare providers for offering hormone therapy and surgery is ridiculous.

The threat is not the children

This is injustice

Because it IS child abuse

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Trans kids’ lives depend on it

Legislating trans people out of existence is reprehensible

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