ThingLink’s Interactive Images Now Available For Facebook Posts


ThingLink is bringing its own unique brand of interactive images to the Facebook platform. ThingLink allows users to create interactive images which provide clickable elements for the purpose of engaged interaction.

ThinkgLink now allows users to use its online software to create clickable link elements and then to place them inside their Facebook Timelines.

According to company CEO Ulla Engeström:

“Images are becoming forums for conversation and discovery that include sharing, touching, commenting, and remixing rich media content created by others.”

ThingLink technology allows users to insert images to music files and video as well as websites and social profiles. Each type of link is displayed with the help of different icons that appear within the image.

You can test a ThingLink image by clicking here.

While the ThingLink system is far from perfect it does address a major issue with images, their lack of overall appeal to search engines.

[h/t SocialTimes]


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