The Importance of Credentials When Hiring a Lawyer: The Complete Guide

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, credentials are an essential aspect that you should never overlook. The legal profession is complex, so it is important that the lawyer you hire has the necessary credentials and qualifications to handle your case effectively. 

In our guide below we are going to explore the importance of credentials when you are debating on which lawyer to choose. 

Knowledge and Expertise

One of the main reasons you want to check their credentials is because it will help you measure how knowledgeable they are in their field. Reputable attorney’s like a Philadelphia criminal lawyer will not be afraid to share their credentials and show that they have the training and expertise needed for your case. During your initial consultation ask about their educational background, certifications, specializations, and educational background.


There are certain certifications that will come in handy if you have a more complex legal issue. If so, then see if they have gone through additional training in that specific area of the law because it will help them handle your case even more. 


Credentials are also important because when they have notable credentials, they are respected within the community of law. Other legal professionals respect them, judges within the court system, and previous clients. The more respected an attorney is the more credibility it gives them, making it easier to trust them with your legal matters. 

Affiliations and Memberships

Take into consideration how many professional organizations and bar associations your potential attorney is part of. These affiliations and memberships give them access to extra training opportunities and also additional resources that can benefit their clients. 


Screening Tool

When you check a lawyer’s credentials you can use this as your own screening tool. Do your research to see if they are board certified in a certain area of the law. Also, check to see if they were admitted to the bar. 


The last thing you want is to accidentally hire a shady lawyer because you rushed your decision and didn’t take the time to check their credentials. Going through their credentials will allow you to see if the attorney is bound by ethical issues that helps guide how they behave when they are working on a case. 


The higher their own codes and standards are the more the attorney will act in your best interest and will conduct themselves in a professional manner. 


Ready to Hire the Best Attorney for Your Case?

As you can see credentials are a crucial aspect to consider when hiring a lawyer. They will help you measure a potential attorney’s knowledge and expertise. Credentials will also help you figure out how credible a lawyer is and if their legal representation is both ethical and professional. 


Try to take your time when you are deciding on which attorney to hire so that you end up with someone that really can fight in your corner.


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