The Best Tweets About the #NBAFinals; Redemption for the Spurs!

The NBA Finals is over, and the San Antonio Spurs just got the redemption they have been looking for since last year’s devastating loss to the Miami Heat in Game 7. This year, they closed the series in five games, and boy, does this team deserve it.

After a very emotional end to the game, I took to Twitter to take a look at some of the best tweets about the game, the teams, and yes, LeBron James. (No, I’m not joining that LeBron bashing bandwagon.)

Mandatory(?) team selfie.

Coach Pop has always been known for his facial expressions, and this tweet proves it.

Fox Sports, you just made my day.

I’m no LeBron fan, and I think he’s still one of the better players of the game, but haters gonna hate. And make fun…

And now for some sweetness, and what makes the Spurs the best team in the league in my opinion: family.



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