The Best Parent Text Message Monitoring

With kids as young as five years old getting smartphones, leaving them alone with their phones can be risky. From cyber-bullying to phishing to even explicit text messages, there are a lot of threats out there. This is why any parental control texting app is a godsend. So, if you are looking for an app to monitor child’s texts, keep on reading.

Why You Should Be Monitoring Your Kids’ Texts?

While it might feel a little violating to read your kids’ texts, a little parental control is wholly justified when your kids are young and vulnerable. Parent text message monitoring is crucial, especially for younger kids. They might be wasting way too much time texting friends or talking to strangers who can harm them. No wonder you want to know “track my child’s phone without them knowing remotely” as you want your kids to be safe online.

One of the main concerns for parents who might be looking for a parent text message monitor is sexting or exchanging nudes. Exchanging explicit images can be very harmful, and it’s illegal for minors to do so. At younger ages, kids are naive, and they may trust people who don’t mean well with their nudes. In such cases, parental guidance is crucial.

Your kid might be texting random strangers as well. Especially with the internet, many harmful predators are out there who want to groom young children. As a young child, it’s easy to fall into these traps. While it might feel harmless to a child, a parent can easily detect if something is fishy.

So, to protect your kids from doing something they might regret, it’s essential to keep an eye on who they are texting and what kind of texts they exchange.

Top 5 Best Apps for Parents to Monitor Texts

Lucky for you, there are now tons of apps out there that can help you with text message monitoring. Many of these are incognito as well, so your kid won’t get the chance to complain either. Here are the top 5!


The eyeZy app is another excellent way to check your child’s messages. It allows you to check their contacts, see who they are messaging, and check in on social media messaging apps and emails. With eyeZy’s screen recording function, you can review their activity on their phone in real-time!


  • Feature-heavy
  • Social media spotlight
  • GPS location
  • Contacts and phone access
  • Check deleted messages
  • iCloud sync


  • It might be a little challenging to set up


mSpy is a great app that allows you to check all of your kids’ messages. Whether from the phone’s text messages or using other messaging apps connected to social media, you can check them all. And the best part is, your kids won’t even know!


  • Monitor social media messaging
  • Use a keylogger
  • Block messaging apps
  • View photos exchanged
  • Use geo-tracking
  • Receive alerts and notifications


  • It might not work on old phones


With Bark, you can keep track of your kid’s text messages on their phone and check if anybody is bullying them, upset or sad, talking about drugs or alcohol, and so much more. Bark is known to help prevent situations where your kids may be harming themselves. Use Bark to keep an eye on your kid’s behavior.


  • Not all plans support text monitoring
  • iOS and Android support
  • Works for all the standard messaging apps


  • It can be challenging to set up on iOS devices
  • Not available outside of the US


You can use Mobistealth to monitor your child’s SMS and calls and track their location. It gives you access to their messenger conversations, Snapchat texts, Whatsapp and Skype, and Viber. There’s also a keylogging feature to help you see what they are typing.


  • Basic features
  • Easy to use
  • Access pictures and videos exchanged
  • Great for Android devices


  • All features do not have iOS support
  • It doesn’t give you access to Instagram texts


Cocospy is an app that allows you to check your child’s conversations on five different apps and the regular phone texting app. You can check FB messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Viber messages.


  • Check deleted texts
  • See attachments
  • Access email
  • Check timestamps
  • Get Geofence alerts


  • The app needs to be installed on the target device
  • No keylogging features
  • It doesn’t support all messaging apps


Now that you’ve gone over some of the best options out there regarding parental control texting apps, you can choose for yourself which one you like the best. While it’s essential to protect your kids from threats, remember not to go overboard. Teach your kids to trust you and inform you what they are doing.

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