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Having a fully functional Facebook ad is ideal when it comes to digital marketing for the product or service that you offer. With it, you can reach a larger audience faster and more engagingly.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then continue reading about common questions asked on eCommerce Facebook ads agency, and how it’ll help your services grow with Rozee Digital.

 What Is An ECommerce Facebook Ads Agency?

ECommerce facebook ad agencies are a type of digital advertising agency, that assists the company with social media branding on Facebook through perfectly made ads.

The agencies dedicate their time to planning your campaign and making it successful, creative, and fully optimizable advertising. In some cases, they can be done as promotional work for clients, but the main focus of it all is its dedicating practice to marketing products.

 There are different roles and obligations that are required of someone who works in an eCommerce facebook agency. Here are some examples of the jobs and requirements that an ECommerce Facebook ads agency must follow:

  • Conducting Thorough Research – Advertising campaigns need to have done research prior to releasing or even making the final product of the advert piece. It needs to be on-topic to the brand, company, or services that the client has requested while being informative and eye-catching to the audience. 
  • Media Planning And Buying – This is all about the kind of message that you want the viewers to see, the type of product or services you’re selling, and the business you’re promoting. ECommerce facebook ad agencies help you get in some time so that you can prepare and have the ad recorded.


  • Account Management – Account management teams are in charge of making the connection between clients and the various departments in the advertising agency. They make sure that meetings are set in place for the company and that everyone gets where they need to be while understanding their goals and preferences.


  • Developing Marketing Strategies – It’s developing marketing strategies responsibility to implement and create ideas for the campaign. It’s important for them to know your budget, goals, and target audience so they can cater to your needs


  • Sales Promotion – This is a team for making sales cycles go at a faster rate. It’s how they lure customers to purchase more of a product or service to improve sales. Targeting audiences and persuading them to purchase items is how they drive sales for businesses.

Do Facebook Ads Work For ECommerce?

When done correctly, Facebook ads do indeed work for eCommerce marketing. With their help, you’re able to make the perfect ads and feature them on Facebook. Targeting the audiences that you need has never been easier with Rozee Digital in eCommerce Facebook ad agencies.

By offering a variety of different skilled advertisers, you can use their skills to have inbox-like ads, stories, sponsored messages, click-to-messenger ads, and many different ways for you to reach your clients and or potential shoppers as they browse their social.

High-quality ads and data are collected through the algorithm and, because so many people are actively using Facebook, can find the right set of customers for you. A benefactor of Facebook adding is that it’s cheaper compared to other forms of advertising.

How Much Do ECommerce Ad Agencies Charge For Facebook?

Different agencies’ charges vary depending on the type of experience that they have, what the project is, the time it is to complete, and how long it’ll be up and running.

There are three main and positive outcomes and ways that the ad agencies charge for e-commerce Facebook ads.


  • Flat Fees – With a campaign that only lasts a short amount of time, and for a one-time production or job, flat fees are ideal. This way you’re getting the best out of the deal and not over-charged.


  • Ad Spence Percentage – If you’re a client with a small budget, then this is the ideal scenario for you, you’re charged ultimately less and more affordably to your needs. When larger budgeted clients are involved, companies charge between 10% to 20% of the monthly budget.


  • Retainer – Mostly uncommon for people that are just starting out as a business, while well-known businessesthrive with this type of payment choice. With this practice, clients are required to pay the marketers in advance to completion of the work.



Final Thoughts

ECommerce Facebook ads agencies are the way to go when you want to target your audience’s attention as they browse one of their most favorited social and streaming platform.


With them being able to offer a variety of different skilled advertisers to you, you’re able to see their skills develop your campaign to have inbox-like ads, stories, sponsored messages, click-to-messenger ads, and many different ways for you to reach your clients.

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