The Band-Aid of the Future is Here, and It’ll Heal Your Wounds in 15 Seconds Flat

Bloomberg News reports on an incredible new invention that’s astounding people across the world and across the web. The YouTube description for Bloomberg’s video states:

A small lab in Brooklyn is working on a gel that can stop bleeding in 20 seconds. Platelets stick together when VetiGel, made from plant-based polymers, comes into contact with blood. VetiGel’s co-founder, Joe Landolina, started working on the project while he was a freshman at New York University.

Landolina explains how he came up with the idea:

When I was a freshman at NYU I had the idea — which was to use a polymer to seal up a wound very quickly. In the beginning I wasn’t expecting that the polymer itself would be able to quickly stop bleeds.

We realized that if we put it onto a wound something really remarkable would happen– which is that it would actually change shape, it would change color and it would interact with the tissue in a way that wasn’t expected.

The video’s narrator breaks down why VetiGel works so well:

VetiGel is so effective because it works in tandem with the body’s natural healing processes in a way that hasn’t been tried before.

Landolina goes on to explain how VetiGel is basically like a series of Lego blocks that form in the shape of whatever they’re filling. This is how his invention manages to seal wounds so quickly.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 5.59.35 PM
Image credit: VetiGel/CyberEsfera

VetiGel’s even gotten its own hashtag on Twitter as users have become fascinated by the band-aid of the future.

VetiGel’s inventor, Joe Landolina, was only 21-years-old when he came up with the miracle wound treater. You can follow Joe on Twitter @JLandolina.



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