The 7 Best Comedy Movies on Peacock to Stream in Australia

Australia’s comedy enthusiasts have every reason to rejoice as Peacock, the popular streaming platform, brings forth a delightful collection of laughter-inducing movies. From hilarious classics to recent gems, Peacock offers an abundance of comedy gold that is sure to tickle your funny bone.

While accessing Peacock in Australia might initially pose a challenge due to geo-restrictions, fear not! With a few simple tricks, such as utilizing best VPNs for accessing Peacock in Australia, you can unlock a world of laughter right at your fingertips

So, grab your popcorn, get cozy, and join us as we explore the seven must-watch comedy movies available on Peacock!

Top 7 Comedy Movies to Binge Watch on Peacock

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (2008)

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is a delightful comedy that falls under the family genre. It takes us on a hilarious journey as Roscoe Jenkins, a successful talk show host played by Martin Lawrence, returns home for a long-overdue family reunion.

Filled with eccentric relatives and childhood rivalries, the film showcases the comedic chaos that ensues, highlighting the dynamics and quirks of a loving yet dysfunctional family. With its witty dialogue, larger-than-life characters, and relatable family dynamics, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is a heartwarming and laughter-filled exploration of the complexities of familial relationships.

Trainwreck (2015)

Trainwreck expertly blends elements of romantic comedy and raunchy humor to create an unforgettable movie experience. Directed by Judd Apatow and written by and starring Amy Schumer, the film follows the life of Amy, a commitment-phobic journalist. When she meets a charming and successful sports doctor, played by Bill Hader, her perspectives on love and relationships begin to shift.

With its sharp and clever writing, Trainwreck offers a refreshing take on modern romance, tackling themes of vulnerability, self-discovery, and the challenges of navigating intimacy. The film strikes a perfect balance between laugh-out-loud moments and heartfelt insights into the complexities of love.

50 First Dates (2004)

50 First Dates is a whimsical and endearing romantic comedy that adds a unique twist to the genre. Adam Sandler portrays Henry Roth, a man who falls head over heels for Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore, who suffers from short-term memory loss. Each day, Henry must find inventive ways to make Lucy fall in love with him anew, resulting in a series of hilarious and heartwarming encounters.

The film explores themes of commitment, perseverance, and the transformative power of love. With its blend of comedy, romance, and a touch of whimsy, “50 First Dates” offers a captivating and feel-good viewing experience that leaves audiences both laughing and touched by its tender moments.

Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Ticket to Paradise falls within the romantic comedy genre, presenting the story of a divorced couple who embark on a mission to stop their daughter from making a life-altering mistake while on vacation. The film’s comedic elements are likely to stem from the awkward and humorous situations that arise from the couple’s past relationship and their attempt to work together despite their differences.

With Clooney and Roberts well-established chemistry and comedic timing, the movie offers a blend of heartfelt moments and lighthearted humor, creating an entertaining and charming romantic comedy experience.

Deliver Us from Eva (2003)

This comedy film revolves around Eva, a strong-willed woman who interferes in the lives of her sisters’ husbands. It falls within the romantic comedy genre but with a twist, as it focuses on the meddling sister-in-law rather than the central romantic relationship. The film explores the humorous consequences that arise when the husbands try to find a solution to Eva’s interference.

Through witty dialogue, comedic situations, and exaggerated character dynamics, Deliver Us from Eva offers a light-hearted and entertaining take on the romantic comedy genre. It combines elements of romance, familial relationships, and comedy, providing an enjoyable and laughter-filled experience.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

This romantic comedy film Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) combines romance and comedy in a clever and often awkward manner. The story follows a heartbroken musician who takes a vacation in Hawaii to heal his broken heart, only to find that his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, is staying at the same resort with her new boyfriend. The film skillfully blends elements of romance, heartbreak, and comedic timing to create an entertaining narrative.

The humor arises from the protagonist’s attempts to navigate the uncomfortable situation while dealing with his unresolved feelings for Sarah. Through its mix of witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and relatable emotions, Forgetting Sarah Marshall delivers a unique and engaging romantic comedy experience that keeps audiences laughing and rooting for the characters’ personal growth and romantic pursuits.

The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal is a delightful romantic comedy that showcases the irresistible chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Bullock portrays Margaret Tate, a demanding book editor who finds herself facing deportation due to her expired visa. In a desperate attempt to stay in the country, she forces her assistant, Andrew Paxton (Reynolds), into a fake marriage. As the pair embarks on a journey filled with comedic moments and unexpected twists, they navigate their way through a web of lies and hidden emotions.

The film expertly combines hilarious situations with genuine heartfelt moments, exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and the power of human connection. Bullock’s charismatic performance, Reynolds’ charm, and the film’s clever writing make The Proposal a romantic comedy that will leave audiences both laughing and rooting for love to conquer all.


These seven movies represent a diverse range of comedy genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste. You can also check out some tips to stream in Australia.

So, grab your remote, prepare to laugh until your sides hurt, and let the Peacock collection of comedic treasures transport you to a world of laughter and entertainment!


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