#Teoing Is The Internets Hottest New Trend Thanks To Manti Te’o

Teoing Is the Internets Hottest Fad

#Teoing has become the internet’s hottest trend following the strange story of Notre Dame star Manti Te’o’s fake dead girlfriend.

Photos have started appearing on Instagram and Twitter in which people pretend to be putting their arms around invisible girlfriends with the hashtag $Teoing.

The #Teoing hashtag follows the uber-popular #Tebowing fad in which people struck a pose like the former Denver Broncos quarterback. Tebow likes to get down on one knee after a touchdown and pray.

You might recall a similar stunt known as #Eastwooding in which people posted pictures of themselves standing next to empty chairs.

#Teoing pictures have varied from faking an arm around a girlfriend to fake cuddling, kidding and more.

Here are some examples of real world #Teoing:

And finally our favorite – The #Teoing proposal:



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