Tech Hipsters Are Now Attaching GoPro’s To The Homeless

Tech hipsters trying to do the right thing by the homeless isn’t something new, but a new move may be a step too far: attaching GoPro’s to the homeless.

According to the site

Homeless GoPro outfits homeless volunteers with donated high-definition personal cameras, which they use to capture the world as they see it.

Apparently while most would use a GoPro for sporting activities, being homeless may be a sporting activity as well:

in San Francisco, 6500 men and women living on the streets must navigate physical danger including illness, hunger, violence, and cold, as well as emotional & psychological challenges including fear, loneliness, rejection, humiliation, and desperation….

With a donated HERO3+ Silver Edition from GoPro and a small team of committed volunteers in San Francisco, Homeless GoPro explores how a camera normally associated with extreme sports and other “hardcore” activities can showcase courage, challenge, and humanity of a different sort – extreme living.

Coming next with a Series A round of $2.5 million may well be a Homeless GoPro reality series…well, we really hope not but attaching GoPro’s to the homeless here isn’t all that much different to attaching them to cats and dogs, then uploading the videos to YouTube.

And you know hooking up the homeless with GoPro’s is so much more hipster than…I don’t know…helping them with food and shelter?

If you really, really must, more details here.

(Image credit: Homeless GoPro.)

Duncan Riley


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