Strippergate: Cory Booker And Lynsie Lee Is A Story As Old As Nude Photos

lynsie lee

Are you ready for the scandal to end all scandals? Cory Booker exchanged some tweets with a stripper last year?! Can you believe it? Can you believe that Booker (who is not married) would have the nerve to associate with a woman name Lynsie Lee? A woman who admits to stripping?

How shameful! How scandalous! How stupid is this story?

Booker was caught in a very brief and very mild controversy today when news broke that he exchanged some tweets with stripper Lynsie Lee. It turns out that Booker and Lee both appeared in a documentary called “Follow Friday: The Film” and had the audacity to actually talk to each other on Twitter.

Booker even said that he was “a big fan” of Lee. The nerve!

OK, so let’s break this down.

This is the factual but not newsworthy story: Booker messaged a woman whom he worked with on a film.

This is the reason why it’s now a newsworthy controversy: Boobs.

Lynsie Lee isn’t shocked that the story is making waves today but at the same time she admits that it’s a little ridiculous.

If Lee takes the well-trodden path of the fame whores who came before her, she’ll release a sex tape next week and book a few talk shows.

The story about Cory Booker and Lynsie Lee has been on Buzzfeed, the NY Times, the Daily Beast and several other websites. But why? Oh right, boobs. (Be warned. NSFW photos of Lynsie Lee can be seen below.) lynsie lee

Booker and Lee are adults. They both have legal jobs. And they both have Twitter accounts. Where’s the story here? Either the media is completely obsessed with boobs or strippers are still considered social pariahs.

Lynsie Lee was thrown into this controversy because a couple of reporters got bored. She doesn’t want to be famous like this. She wants to be famous through her nudes.

On behalf of the media, SND apologizes for this story. In return, we’ll spread a couple of Lynsie Lee nude photos of you around to the internet.

OK, now can we finally put an end to stripppergate?

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