Steubenville Rape Case Divides Social Media Again [Twitter Reacts]

internet hates rape

The Steubenville rape case was essentially precipitated on social media — and played out on social media — and now that the verdict is in, social media is bitterly divided as to what sentiment about the crime and its aftermath reveals in its strange wake.

The Steubenville rape case seems to bring to mind again the uncomfortable truth that while we all seem to agree rape is bad, we can’t seem to banish the ideas of victim responsibility, even if said victim is a young girl.

The analysis has played out on feminist blogs, conservative blogs, political blogs and indeed on Facebook and Twitter, where opinions about with whom the fault lies for the Steubenville rape case saga is still being bitterly debated. (The victim herself, the boys, football culture, the role of Anonymous in ensuring justice — all have been blamed for the horrible situation in Steubenville.)

As Twitter reacts to the Steubenville rape case, here are a few of the top tweets:



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