‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Plot Leak And X-Wing Video Drive Internet Crazy

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The excitement around Star Wars: Episode VII reached fever pitch today as two huge pieces of information came to light. The first, an official video showing J.J. Abrams with a full-size X-Wing. The second, an unconfirmed leak that may reveal the plot details of the new movie.

Let’s start with the official business.

Disney released a new video today showing a life-size X-Wing Starfighter and a little repair drone. The video is part of the “Force For Change” campaign which benefits Unicef.

Abrams said: “We are so grateful for the support that the fans from over 119 countries have shown for Force for Change. As we close this final week, we’ve added an additional prize that allows the fans the opportunity to see the movie early as a thank you for supporting such a great cause as UNICEF’s innovative, lifesaving work for children.”

Pretty cool, right? Donating to the campaign earns you a chance to be in the movie. If that interests you, you’re probably curious as to what the movie will be about.

Well, we may have heard some plot details leak this morning. The plot has not been officially confirmed but several websites seem to agree on the details.

So here’s what we think we know. (Possible spoilers ahead.)

The movie will basically focus on Daisy Ridley and John Boyega’s quest to return a lightsaber to Luke Skywalker. Ridley and Boyega track down Han Solo and Chewbacca who tell them that they haven’t seen Luke since the events of Return Of The Jedi.

Bad Ass Digest is purposefully vague with the details. That could mean that they have too much respect for the franchise to ruin the experience of fans. Or, it could mean that they have no idea what they are talking about. Regardless, the website did leak a potentially awesome opening scene.

After the scroll disappears into space, the camera will pan down to unveil Luke Skywalker’s severed hand floating through space clenching a lightsaber.

Are you excited for Star Wars: Episode VII?




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