SpaghettiOs Apologizes, Pulls Insensitive Pearl Harbor Tweet

SpaghettiOs Apology

SpaghettiOs apologized after its tweet remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor caused outrage from users. The company also pulled the tweet and wrote a new one, saying:

The original tweet featured a cartoon noodle smiling with its tongue hanging out, proudly waving the American flag. The caption read, “Take a moment to remember #PearlHarbor with us.” It wasn’t the first time a company used an American tragedy to promote its wares, and, let’s face it, it won’t be the last. Even after the apology, users were still outraged, responding to the tweet by saying:

But not everyone was upset about the original SpaghettiOs tweet, and a few who were accepted the company’s apology.

Finally, at least one Twitter user took the tweet a bit too far, making the photo into their avatar.

While not everyone was offended by the SpaghettiOs tweet, we’re guessing the company won’t use a cartoon noodle during the next memorial anniversary.



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