#SoxStory Creates New Fan Experience At Fenway Park

#SoxStory is a new hashtag for Red Sox fans to share their memories.

The Boston Red Sox and Sapient have partnered to create #SoxStory, an interactive Twitter hashtag for fans to share their baseball experience with each other.

The launch of #SoxStory started at 2 PM Eastern today, and will run through the end of Boston’s home opener on Friday. Fans who share their memories through this unique hashtag will have them streamed live on the backside of the Green Monster.

Fans can also go to www.sapient.com/redsox to see their stories live on forever.

The announcement of #SoxStory is one of the coolest attempts in recent memory for a baseball team to connect with fans. For a sport considered too slow by too many, fan interaction is key to maintain relevancy.

The Boston Red Sox are also a perfect team to start with. Few teams have the connection with their fans Boston does. For them, baseball is life and they feel like they are part of the team. I grew up in California, and even on the West Coast you can feel the passion from the East Coast.

With #SoxStory, fans will be one step closer to being a part of one of baseball’s most storied franchises. If it’s a success, which it should be, it would be amazing to see this kind of interactivity used by other teams.

[Photo Credit: wallyg]

Scott Croker

Scott Croker grew up writing short stories and watching sports. It was only fate his two loves would combine into a life of sports writing. He grew up in the great sports city of San Francisco and currently resides in LA, which is just a football team away from being complete. As he has gotten older he has realized that there is not much more in life he needs to be happy than a TV and laptop, although going to games is nice too.


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