Sony Compact Cassette Stores Equivalent Of 3,700 Blu-Ray Discs

Sony Compact Cassette

The Sony compact cassette continues to amaze us, even more than two decades after the first compact discs entered the commercial market. While digital downloads have long replaced the traditional storage type, Sony has proven that a compact cassette tape can still hold its own in an ever changing market.

The company is using extremely high density tapes to archive data for corporations and government agencies. The compact cassettes are being used because they are efficient, cheaper to produce than other storage types, and more reliable than other storage devices.

With 185TB of storage space per disk, Sony has managed an incredible 18.5GB per square inch.

The new Sony compact cassette offers five times the memory storage capacity over IBM’s record setting feat in 2010.

Based on current numbers the disc offers 74 times more storage than typical discs on the market.

While Sony has not yet commercialized the technology, news of the record breaking feat has led the term “compact cassette” to the top of Facebook Trends.

Time to bring back the floppy disc? Of course not, but for archival purposes this is an amazing step forward for data storage.



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