SocialCoaster Lets You See Everything Happening Around You

SocialCoaster App

SocialCoaster wants to make it easy for you to organize and share your memories with not just your friends, but the entire world.

The startups founder Jonathan Burdon says the app will provide the world with a new and exciting way of sharing their experiences through photos.

“I think the inventor of hashtags had this goal in mind as well, unfortunately, the concept has its fundamental flaws which causes it to be overused and often in the wrong context. Our team at SocialCoaster has solved this problem!” Says Burdon.

SocialCoaster is centered around user collaboration. It shows you phones taken by others at nearby spots and events in real-time so that you are constantly updated on what’s going on around you. This allows you to find which places are trending both locally and nationally.

The startup custom tailors content to its users based on their location. Users can check-in at any spots or create their own.

The startup has raised over $250,000 in seed funding. Vice President of Business Development for Bluehost, James Grierson, will be joining SocialCoaster’s board of directors.



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