[Socially Offensive] Are Women Crazy on Facebook?

The answer is, of course, not as a rule- but reading sexist bits of drivel like this really gets my tits in a knot, even if it’s just AskMen.com. Awesomely, the stereotype of the needy, clingy female has followed us all into the digital age, with Facebook and analogous technology as the lastest place women […]

Twitter Recommendations: Members Can Display “Follow Suggestions” For New Users

Twitter hasn’t officially announced it yet but Techcrunch has revealed a new feature called Follow Recommendations which allows users to build a customized list of suggested followers for people who sign up using their profile on Twitter. At this time Twitter users a basic algorithm to suggest followers to new signups. Twitter Business Development team […]

New Yorkers Tweet More Than Anyone In The World [Study]

New York City residents love to Tweet, so much so that Sysomos recently determined that New Yorkers use the social network more than anyone in the world, despite London having the most created Twitter accounts. As Gizmodo Australia points out, Twitter is so popular New York City that gangs even started communicating through the social […]

Chitty Chat Brings Private Chat Rooms To Twitter [Awesome Idea]

I can’t possibly express in words how much I hate getting in the crossfire of an hour long Twitter conversation among people I follow. Oftentimes I get confused by the conversations or my timeline looks like a one way conversation and that’s where startup Chitty Chat comes into play. Created by @mhsutton Chitty Chat allows […]

Facebook Nears 700 Million Users As Site Loses 6 Million U.S. Visitors In May

Facebook may be closing in on the 700 million users mark but the site actually managed in lose U.S. users in the month of May. According to reports 6 million U.S. visitors left the site, the first time the social network has lost users in the country since 2010. Facebook users also left the site […]