Security Firm Will Update Your Facebook When You’re Out to Discourage Theives

There’s a tremendous amount of hand-wringing around the concept of Facebook updates, location aware apps, and the potential for thieves to find out you’re not home and go in to steal your stuff. In the years I’ve been covering social media, I remember specifically two incidents where this has actually occurred. But it hasn’t stopped […]

Facebook Milestone: 750 Million Active Monthly Users

Three quarters of a billion users now sign into their Facebook accounts at least one time each month, a milestone that seemed ridiculous even two years ago. While recent reports have shown some fall off in Facebook users, for example the website lost 6 million users in May throughout the United States, they have continued […]

Longest-Standing Facebook Employee Besides Zuck to Leave

Facebook is losing its first ad sales star, a veteran of the company for over six years. Kevin Colleran isn’t leaving Facebook for a competitor, according to AllThingsD. He said he plans to stick around the industry, specifically in “advisory roles at Causes, My Basis and Buddy Media.” He also plans to do some investing […]

Klout Partners With Involver To Reward Brand Followers

Klout, a service that uses ranking algorithms and semantic analysis to determine each users “influence” on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has announced a new partnership with social marketing firm Involver. Under the partnership Involver will offer brands a widget that can be placed on their Facebook pages which encourages users to engage with that brand. […]

How Different Parts Of The World Use Social Networks [Infographic]

The Social Network culture has spread to just about every part of the world and while most users have access to the same type of functionality such as games, instant messaging, friend networks, etc. the way social network platforms are utilized in various parts of the world differs. The team at market research service Global […]

Winklevoss Twins Drop Lawsuit Against Facebook

Nearly one year after filing a second lawsuit against Facebook and company CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have dropped their lawsuit which nearly reached the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2008 the twins settled their initial lawsuit with Facebook for a sum estimated to be around $200 million, however they later decided that Zuckerberg […]

[Infographic] Should You Invest in Groupon?

Groupon famously turned down several garbage trucks full of money from Google a few months back, and VentureBeat has broken down some interesting data points about their recent IPO in an infographic. (“Grouponzi” scheme. Heh.) In their very thorough breakdown, VB notes: But the Chicago-headquartered company is still running at a loss despite the astonishing […]

[Scary] Social Media Background Checkers Can Keep Your Dirt on File For Seven Years

Like bankruptcy, an ill-conceived Facebook post or Twitter rant can now stay on your permanent record for seven years. The practice is new, but the Federal Trade Commission approved a practice last week for a background check company that scours social media and digs up dirt on you to provide to potential employers and others […]