The Far-Right Tries To Prove Migrant Photos Are Fake And The Results Are Hilarious

It didn’t take long for far-right conservatives to come up with a radical conspiracy theory surrounding the incident that happened at the U.S. border last week. Even though dozens of photos and videos were released showing migrants suffering from the effects of tear gas, Trump’s fan club picked apart a single picture and labeled the […]

300-Pound Woman Pleads Guilty To Crushing Boyfriend And Killing Him

Anyone who has ever been in a troubled relationship will know that anything can happen during a lover’s quarrel. What seemingly started as a petty argument over a toilet seat placement can quickly turn into bruises and cuts if at least one of you is unstable or dangerous. However, one quarrel resulted in the death […]

PETA Compares Animal Idioms To Racism, Demands End To Them; Gets Dogged Online Instead

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal) is without a doubt one of the most polarizing groups ever, at least online. While some of their advocacies can be noble and reasonable, some are also questionable and borderline waste of resources. So when they demanded that people stop using animal idioms because those are violent, […]