Social Media: Relationships May Be Strained By Too Much Tweeting

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In social media, relationships are a strangely public bit of our private lives — pressure to broadcast what used to be intimate moments (proposals, changes in status) is ambient, and a study reveals that this indeed may not be good for your love.

When it comes to social media, relationships are a given for sharing. It’s even been posited opting out of detailing one’s liaisons, loves or commitments on sites like Facebook is a “red flag” or lack of seriousness about a relationship — but it turns out the converse may be the case.

A new social media relationships study out of the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute reveals that while social media doesn’t necessarily damage relationships, too much of it can have a diminishing return on investment — and may even degrade your bond.

Dr. Bernie Hogan explains in a press release that those who use social media in relationships report “no greater relationship satisfaction and some even reported decreasing satisfaction.”

Hogan continues:

This work suggests that media, which now includes online social media, still operates as a signal of ties of strength in relationships. However there may be a cut-off point after which the increasing complexity of maintaining so many separate communications threads starts to undermine relationship ties.

Translation? When it comes to social media and relationships, a bit of mystery may be healthier than total disclosure.



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  1. My hubby and I don't spend a buttload of time tweeting, let alone tweeting our relationship. We prefer actually talking.