Social Media Platforms That Drive The Most Sales

Shopify infographic

Shopify has published an infographic created by compiling data from the merchants on its platform to determine which social media channels contribute the most to ecommerce sales.

They sought to help business owners answer questions such as if tweeting is really doing anything for their bottom line, and if they should be on Pinterest and Instagram.

The ROI of social media is always in question, so to better understand how social media impacts the ecommerce industry Shopify analyzed data from 37 million social media visits that led to 529,000 orders.

The data revealed is astonishing, with Facebook dominating as the primary source of social traffic and sales. About two thirds of Shopify store traffic that comes from social media originates from Facebook.

In 2013 orders from Reddit increased by 152%, a big year for the consistently growing social platform.

Polyvore, a community style site seems to have the most surprising statistic. Pinterest, Twitter, and even Facebook lag behind Polyvore when it comes to the highest average order, raking in $66.75 over 436 orders.

These statistics show how well social media can be used to drive ecommerce sales, and it still stands as an area that can see a substantial amount of exploration.



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