Social Media Drives Digital Music Sales, Study Finds

Social Media

Social media sites, particularly Twitter, may not have helped contribute to e-commerce sales this past Black Friday, but according to a new study, social media does help drive music sales. The study was put together by Next Big Sound and examined the effects of social networks on digital music sales.

Four metrics were found to have a strong correlation with single digital track sales. Here they are in order from most impactful to least impactful:

  • Radio Spins
  • YouTube Plays
  • Facebook Fans
  • Twitter Followers

Despite radio on the decline, it still has a strong connection with single digital track sales. However, when you look at metrics which have a correlation with digital album sales, roles are almost reversed.

  • Wikipedia Pageviews
  • Myspace Plays
  • Rdio Plays
  • Radio Spins

The highest correlating metrics for first week sales of digital albums show a similar result.

  • Wikipedia Pageviews
  • Internet Radio Impressions
  • Plays
  • Radio Spins
  • Artist Website Pageviews

In analyzing the causality of social media on digital album sales, artists’ websites are number one while Facebook pageviews are number two. The number of Twitter followers and tweets sent fall in the bottom three.

With the causality of social media on digital track sales, artist’s websites remain in the top spot with Facebook pageviews moving down to number three. Radio spins take the number two spot and Wikipedia is just behind at number four.

Social media continues to be a major place where people spend time and with the new Myspace gearing up, we could see radio have less of an impact.



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