Snow Hits Cairo For First Time In Over 100 Years [Photos]

Photos Snow In Cairo

Snow turned Cairo white on Friday for the first time in over 100 years, according to local news reports. The city averages less than an inch of rain per year, making the fluffy white snowflakes a special treat for residents as they woke up Friday morning.

Hundreds of people stopped their walk to work or school to snap photos of the falling snow and even a camel appearing to enjoy its first winter weather. Some even used all the snow they could find to make mini snowmen.

Like with any huge event documented on social media, Cairo’s snowfall wasn’t without its share of fake photos, including one that appeared to show the Sphinx covered in a fluffy white blanket. But sorry, guys, that photo proved to be a fake.

Cairo wasn’t the only city to see snow on Friday morning. Jerusalem experienced its largest snowfall since 1953, closing roads and suspending transportation, notes The Huffington Post. Palestinian and Israeli children were seen shaping snowmen. Snow, sleet, and ice have also covered Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan the past few weeks, causing problems for many war refugees, who struggled to stay warm inside freezing tents.

[Image via Twitter]



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