Smoukahontas Sings 14 Genres In 3 Minutes, Goes Viral On YouTube


YouTube sensation Smoukahontas has went viral twice in just six short YouTube video posts. How did she do it? By singing 14 genres of music in just three minutes.

The “human jukebox” as she is being dubbed, doesn’t focus on just pop, rock, and country. Instead, she produces a range of songs from eclectic to modern. Not everyone has the range to sing everything from Operat to Finnish schlager, but Smoukahontas does.

If the YouTube name sounds familiar that’s because she also recorded What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners, in which she mimics several languages with hilarious results.

While her language video has received over 801,253 views, it was met with some controversy. This newest video has already reached 417,794 views and it was only uploaded on March 9. The video has racked up 8,002 thumbs up votes and only 102 down votes.



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