A Site Allows You To Add Bernie Sanders Sitting To Any Location


Bernie Sanders sitting in mittens at the Presidential Inauguration has become a viral meme, and there’s a site that lets you add him anywhere.

Using Google Photos, Nick Sawhney has put up a website that allows you to add Sanders to any location. It’s not as multifaceted as some of the Photoshops that are circulating around the web, however, the site’s very efficacious for a tool where you simply enter in an address.  On Late Night, the politician reacted to becoming a social media sensation informing host Seth Meyers that he was merely trying to stay warm during the inauguration.

Sanders said on Thursday night: “I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on.” Sanders revealed he wasn’t cognizant that he had become a viral star during the event. Comical memes of the junior United States senator sitting at the inauguration donning mittens spread rapidly on social media, situating the former Vermont U.S. Representative sitting in a chair into hallmark moments from television shows and films.

Internet users were also interested in the envelope Sanders was hauling around. The 79-year-old spoke about the envelope: “I’d love to tell you, Seth, it’s top secret.” The white and brown mittens were bestowed to the Brooklyn native by a schoolteacher from Vermont named Jen Ellis. Sanders added: “She has been somewhat overwhelmed by the kind of attention that is being shown to her mittens.” Ellis remarked: “I’m really honored he wore them today. The fact that he’s still wearing them is delightful and flattering. There were people at the inauguration wearing clothing from world-famous designers. Then there was Bernie, wearing my mittens.”


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